Oily Sludge Treatment

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In recent years, along with higher and higher requirements of the State’s environmental regulations, and increasing environmental law enforcement efforts, the pollution control over and resource utilization of solid waste generated during production have been a significant problem in the petroleum industry. Oily sludge has been listed in the used mineral oil (Class HW08) of the National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes, and meanwhile relevant laws, like the Cleaner Production Promotion Law of PRC and the Prevention and Control of Environment Pollution Caused by Solid Wastes, require that oily sludge must be harmlessly treated. KOSUN Environmental follows closely the national policies, energetically develops environment-friendly sludge treatment and soil remediation equipment by integrating vibrating separation, centrifugal separation technologies and fluid mechanics to solve the solid-liquid separation during the environmental waste treatment, reduces the pollutant discharge, recycles available resources and meets the local government’s discharge standards and environmental requirements by dint of the subsequent processing functions.

Applications of KOSUN Environmental Oily Sludge Treatment:

-Drilling waste mud

-Oily Sludge in Tank Bottom at Oil Field United Station

-Oilfield Failed Oil

-Natural Settling Dewatering Intermediate Sediment Isolation Layer at Oil Field United Station

-Deoiling Treatment on Drilling Oil-base Mud at Oil Field

-Oily Sludge of Steamship Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil Discharged by Separator

-Waste Machinery Oil and Emulsified Oil Treatment

-Coal Tar in Coal Chemical Industry

-Waste Water of Fracturing Fluid and Flowback Fluid

-Ageing Oil at Oil Field United Station

-Complicated Mixed Oily Sludge in Industrial Oily Sludge Dump Pit at Oil Field

-Oily Scum Generated in Oilfield Water Treatment

-Oily Sludge in Bottom of Ocean Shipping Oil Tanker

-Oily Sludge Treatment at Oil Chemical Plant

-Oily Scum and Bottom Sediment in Water Treatment at Oil Refinery

-Other Mineral Oil Sludge Treatment

KOSUN Environmental Oily Sludge Treatment Solution:

-Air Flotation Solution of Oily Sludge Separating & Recycling System

-Oily Sludge Skid-mounted Treatment System


-Electric Radiation Thermal Desorption Treatment Process


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