KSMR-500 Mud Circulation, Recovery and Purification system

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KOSUN KSMR-500 mud circulation, recovery and purification system is mainly used in HDD, coalbed methane exploitation and other construction projects with requirements on capacities below 500GPM.



The system is applied to construction projects with higher mud capacities. Its purification process is divided into three stages: shale shaker for the first stage, desander and desilter respectively for the second and third stages. Both desander and desilter are equipped with underflow shakers that can carry out a further treatment to solids discharged by the upper equipment. By mud preparation devices, add necessary mud materials into purified mud and stir them evenly to prepare mud with qualified properties for recycling, which can greatly reduce construction costs and effectively protect the environment.


System Capacity: 500GPM (120m³/h)

Particle Size after Treatment: 15~44μm

Total Screen Area of Shale Shaker: 2m2    

Total Screen Area of Underflow Shaker: 2m2

Processing Stage: three stages

Total System Power: 150kW

Total System Volume: 15m³

External Dimensions of the System: 10000×2360×4228mm


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