KD-100 Slurry Treatment System

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KOSUN KD-100 slurry treatment system for small mud balance shield and pile foundation project is of modular structure design, which is specialized for mud purification in small slurry balance shield and pile foundation projects.

The KD-100 system is equipped with combined shaker and desander. The mud flows into the desanding module after being treated by the scalping shaker. The cyclones with diameter of 12” can remove the sand from the mud that will then be dried and discharged by primary shaker.

Main Technical Parameters of KD-100 Slurry Treatment System for Mud Balance Shield and Pile Foundation Project:

Max. Capacity:100m³/h

Max. Mud Density: 1.18g/cm³

Sand Content (measured by elutriation meter):<18%

Main Body Volume: 2m³

External Dimensions: 3000×1800×2500mm

Total Power: 26kW


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